Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses


Conestoga Eye Care carries the Acuvue Oasys Brand Family of Contact Lenses. These are the only contact lenses on the market that offer a bi-weekly regimen.


The advantages of Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses are from Acuvue Oasys Family are:


  • Extended wear time.

  • Exclusive HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology - the next generation of HYDRACLEAR® with even more smoothness and wettability.

  • One of the highest UV-A and UV-B protection available in a contact lens - blocks at least 90% UV-A and 99% UV-B. 

  • Almost feels like you're not even wearing contact lenses.

  • Approved for overnight wear (up to one week).

  • Perfect for people who are nearsighted, farsighted or have astigmatism and bi-focal.

Learn more about the HYDRACLEAR® PLUS Technology here:

Learn more about the Astigmatism Contact Lenses here:

Learn more about the Bi-focal Contact Lenses here:

All the above Bi-Weekly Contact Lenses contain UV Protection. Learn more about this technology here: 


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