Diabetic Eye Examinations


Diabetic patients should be seen annually for routine check ups and are covered through OHIP once a year as well.


Patients with diabetes have a higher chance of developing eye diseases, they need eye exams that take a more thorough approach.


Conestoga Eye Care is equipped with advanced diagnostic technology to help us detect eye diseases before they cause permanent vision loss.


Through digital imaging, we can screen for retinal problems and monitor even the slightest change in your retinal health.


Our optometrists will assess the digital images and inform you about your internal eye health and if there any diabetic eye complications. 


Over time, the high blood sugar associated with diabetes damages the blood vessels in the retina. These blood vessels can develop leaks as a result of the damage. As blood and fluid leak into the retina, it eventually starts to swell, causing blurred vision.


Without treatment, diabetic retinopathy can lead to blindness.