Laser Eye Surgery Consultation


The whole process starts with an evaluation. Our Optometrists perform a complete review of your patient history as well as a full assessment of your eye health and vision. Before we can give the “ok” for surgery, we need to make sure you’re a good candidate, ruling out any factors that may affect your results.

We’ll also talk with you about your surgery options and what type of procedure is best for you.


Once we’ve determined whether surgery is the right course of treatment, we’ll refer you to one of the amazing ophthalmologists we work with. We work with closely with TLC in Waterloo / TLC Mississauga and Bochner Eye Institute in Toronto.

At TLC, the surgeons that will be conducting your procedure will either be Dr. Brad Mccuaig or Dr. 

At Bochner Eye Institute the surgeons

will be Dr. Raymond Stein or Dr. Fatimah Gilani.


The surgeons will perform some more advanced diagnostic testing and will evaluate your type of Lasik surgery.